Christopher Perceptions


Christopher Perceptions is an internationally known Web3 entrepreneur. Christopher is the founder of PerceptForm, an end-to-end ecosystem, and the co-founder of NoCodeClarity, a startup creating NoCode toolkits to aid in the frictionless development of Bitcoin decentralized applications through Stacks, a Layer 1 blockchain. Along with being aserial entrepreneur, Christopher is a highly sought-after crypto consultant and works with the Stacks Foundation as well as the Black Wall Street digital wallet, which is founded by Hill Harper and Najah Roberts. Since 2016, Christopher has been active in the cryptocurrency industry and has brokered deals such as the Stacks Card, which is a crypto debit card launching in over 50 countries by the end of 2022. Christopher has a passion for empowering people through education and has aided thousands in understanding cryptocurrency. As an expert, Christopher has the unique ability to simplify the complexity surrounding blockchain technology. Christopher Perceptions is building in the cryptocurrency industry because he believes it is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for fairness, innovation, and wealth creation through revolutionary strategies.



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